Dulux Colour Mixing

Dulux Colour Mixing :

Browse our in store colour wall, which has been split into warm, cool and neutral to help you choose the right colour. Scan colours horizontally to discover harmonising colour schemes or vertically to explore different tones of the same colour. You can also see how these colours or your own colours look under different types of light.

The wide range of paints has been specially developed to give you the perfect match to your car’s colour, for repairs and renovation. The range covers 8000 paint colours making it easy for you to find your ideal shade.

Effectively remedy any imperfections, scratches or dents on your car’s bodywork with the Holts Paint Match Pro range of paints. Perfectly matching over 8,000 different colours from over 90 different car manufacturers; the Paint Match Pro range makes it easier to return your car to its showroom best.

At W1 Hardware, we’ve developed a system to make it incredibly simple for everyone to identify and find the colour to match their car – whether or not you know the name and/or colour code of the paint.